The foundation of all measures

A 1979 Harvard University study showed the enormous impact it can have when you write down your goals. Back then, students in the university’s MBA program were asked if they had clearly formulated goals for the future and a plan for achieving them. 84 percent of the students said they had no clear goals for the future. 13 percent said they had goals, but they didn’t write them down. Only three percent of the students actually wrote down their goals and plans. Ten years later, the same group was surveyed again. It turned out that the three percent of students who had set their goals in writing had an income ten times higher than any other student. The 13 percent of students who had at least made plans earned twice as much as the remaining 84 percent.


Initial situation

In the retail business, the owners rarely think about a comprehensive strategy. They have their most important figures under control and monitor them. But that’s not enough! Today it is more important than ever to develop and pursue a comprehensive strategy.

Today the retail business must not only face the stationary competition, but also the online commerce and more and more the online commerce which becomes stationary!

In order to position oneself correctly today, a 360 degree perspective is required. Here we are your specialists for holistic strategy consulting.